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Duncan Capicchiano Review

Duncan Capicchiano is an expert in the fields of nutrition, herbal medicines, and integrated healing. As a doctor of naturopathy, his approach is to treat the body back to wellness rather than to treat a disease. His results with patients suffering the impact of what he calls the fatty liver damage cycle are impressive, with many patients reporting a complete return to good health and wellness.

History and Theory

Duncan Capicchiano is a second generation naturopath. He received his degree in Natural Medicine from the Australian College of Natural Medicine, and is the cofounder of a wellness center in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to his thriving practice he has earned a reputation for offering successful alternative treatments to a variety of illnesses, including Fatty Liver Disease, Hypothyroidism and Cirrhosis. His approach involves using diagnostic tests to confirm and identify the presence of illness, and then using treatments found in nature to return his clients to a state of good health.

The first step to his process is to educate his patients about the various causes and mechanisms of the disease, and the negative impact it can have on their bodies, ranging from a general feeling of malaise and weight gain all the way to liver cancer and cirrhosis. He also discusses the treatments offered by traditional medical practitioners, and explains how they may be making the situation worse for those who suffer from this condition. His program provides an individualized approach of strategies, incorporating light exercise, herbs and nutrients, and improved diet to turn back the clock on this insidious illness.


One of the most valuable things that Duncan Capicchiano's
Fatty Liver Solution does is answer all of the questions that so many physicians gloss over. By explaining what the function of a healthy liver is, he provides the most valuable tool of all, knowledge, so that when he provides an answer to the solution, his patients can understand the exact benefit of the treatment.

The entire program costs less than an initial visit to a physician, and for just $47 includes not only the information described here, but additional health related materials on fitness, how to control your blood sugar, and even a detoxifying diet.

The entire program comes with a money back guarantee and is available as a downloadable e-book so that you can start reversing the impact of liver damage immediately and get back on the road to health.

If you've come to this page, there's a good chance that you've either just been diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease by your physician, or perhaps you suspect that is what's wrong with you, or maybe you've been struggling with the condition and its effects for a long time and are simply seeking relief that your doctor and the medications that he has been prescribing just haven't worked for you.

There are millions of people suffering with this condition - far more than people realize because it is not an illness that manifests itself in obvious symptoms, and is regarded as relatively benign by many physicians. Among the solutions that are available, Duncan Capicchiano's Fatty Liver Solution is one of the few effective treatments that involves no medication, offering instead natural treatments that relieve symptoms and reverse the disease.

Duncan Capicchiano Fatty Liver Solution


The symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease include pain in the abdomen, fatigue, weight gain, and a general feeling of poor health. Most physicians approach these symptoms with a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions, and wait for the disease to progress to the point where surgery is the next logical step.

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Duncan Capicchiano Review