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Fatty Liver Bible Review

After the 250 cases of proven success stories, the Ezra protocol finally made their findings official. When Debra learned about him, she made an appointment the next week and in 2 months she was free from any liver damage. She was so amazed; she wanted to share her experience. So after some road blocks and some convincing of Jacob Ezra, he agreed to share all his findings and she wrote the Fatty Liver Bible Review and Ezra Protocol.

The Secrets Revealed In The Fatty Liver Bible

It is unfortunate that doctors don't incorporate these proven facts in their practice. Some people believe it is because of money but nonetheless, the secret of liver disease cures are revealed in the Fatty Liver Bible. You will learn things you never thought to be true. One secret you will learn is which organ is the REAL problem. You will also learn how to fix that problem, which could be the reason of your liver damage.

Another secret worth mentioning is learning the healing foods that when the chemicals are released into the bloodstream, will regenerate your liver tissue. Learn why fatty liver or obesity is rarely seen in the Orient. These secrets and many more will be shared with you if you are on the journey to find liver disease cures.


Symptoms of a fatty liver are not easy to spot. Often times when you do think something is wrong, the disease has gotten worse to the point of cancer almost developing. One good thing to know is that fatty liver disease is 100% reversible. Symptoms include back pain, fatigue, abdominal pain, feeling weak and more. By following the 5-step plan in the Fatty Liver Bible, you will feel better in no time. Because the liver is a very important part of the body and
fatty liver symptoms are not obvious, it is important to know what to do and what not to do to reverse any liver damage.


Debra shared her story in the Fatty Liver Bible. She shows care and passion to tell her story in that she personally takes time with those individuals who purchase the book. If you are not satisfied, she offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Her book is guaranteeing you will eliminate the 4 chemical triggers that prevent the cleansing process. Also following these steps will rejuvenate the liver to the point it functions like a 20 year old. You can learn how to boost your metabolism and clean your arteries. This book will teach you so many things so you can feel better and it is healthier than going to the doctor.

The Fatty Liver Bible is based on Debra Elkin's success of beating fatty liver disease with the help of Jacob Ezra. His principles were the same as Dr. Pischinger who uses a holistic approach in reversing liver damage; Dr Ezra specializes in the Liver. With his help, Debra was cured. The liver has over 500 functions but the most important is removing toxins and bacteria, building protein, regulating blood sugar and removing cholesterol from your body - the only organ that can do this! You can end up with an enlarged liver when your liver is not functioning properly.

The Fatty Liver Bible & Ezra Protocol is a 163 page ebook that provides a 5-step plan for reversing fatty liver disease, in addition to helping obesity.

Fatty Liver Bible Review

Fatty Liver Bible And Ezra Protocol With Jacob Ezra

Jacob Ezra has researched this topic for 27 years. He has experience healing tens of thousands of individuals with liver damage. So many hours went into this project focusing on what really is causing fatty liver, like how fruit is not the right choice of food for someone living with fatty liver disease and is trying to lose weight. This information and many more unexpected facts have been discovered.

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Fatty Liver Disease Explained in 69 Seconds